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Blockchain solutions for the real world

V Systems is an open-source blockchain protocol for the agile development of dApps and the adoption of blockchain technology into real-world scenarios – from fintech to e-commerce and gaming. For developers and enterprises.

Cost-effective blockchain technology

Decentralized and scalable network with cost-effective database capabilities for the efficient development of on-chain applications.


Developers can build on the network with agility. Our customizable contracts ensure high transaction security, transparency, and reliability.


Comprehensive suite of products and services for enterprises to integrate blockchain into their systems – from consulting to tech integration and maintenance.

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Blockchain passion, Since 2012

V Systems is the culmination of over a decade of research and development to refine and redefine the blockchain experience for developers and enterprises.


Bridging the gap between blockchain and the real world

Blockchain technology is poised to transform various industries, including finance, global trade, insurance, gaming, and more. With the potential for trillions of dollars of assets to transact on-chain, it’s increasingly crucial to connect blockchains to the real world. 

Fintech •

Fintech •
On-chain, no-code transaction contracts and tailored digital payment solutions

Tokenization •

Tokenization •
Token and NFT contracts for RWAs in a variety of sectors

Infrastructure •

Infrastructure •
Infrastructure tools and managed services for side chains, DAOs, and more

DAOs •

DAOs •
Decentralized Autonomous Organization tools and services for engaged communities

Develop and build with V Systems

V Systems is designed for real-world use cases. Relying on composable, “no code” smart contract templates, it can be applied to a variety of sectors, without any extra security audit needed.

Up to 90% cheaper than other blockchains

Customizable, primitive smart contracts at only 1/10 of what they cost on Ethereum.

Innovative consensus mechanism

V Systems is powered by Supernode Proof-of-Stake (SPoS), a ground-breaking protocol to help secure against 51% of attacks.

Blockchain transactions with less coding

Every V Systems node has a developer and automation friendly Swagger REST API. Using our simple API, developers can deploy any of our smart contracts or prototype client applications with ease.

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Mar 26, 2024

VKube Case study — Tetriverse NFT Game

How the Tetriverse team used VKube to deploy the Tetriverse NFT game, saving up to 70% in deployment costs Tetriverse, a Tetris-like NFT game built on the VSYS chain, has been using the VSYS VKube Kubernetes-based containerization platform to deploy its containers i.e., the bundles of the Tetriverse application’s code with all the files and libraries needed to run.

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Mar 13, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Staking with VSYS Wallets

In this article, you will learn: How to stake with VSYS Titan Wallet How to stake and un-stake with VSYS Walk Wallet How to select the Supernode to stake to How to calculate your estimated annual rewards What are VSYS Supernodes How to buy VSYS

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Jan 8, 2024

VKube Launch: Kubernetes-based container service platform

Our team at V Systems is proud to officially launch its brand-new product — VKube! VKube is a Kubernetes-based container service for developers and enterprises to run containerized applications on the cloud. It is affordable, easy to use, and efficient.

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VSYS is V Systems’ native token

VSYS can be used for staking, paying transaction fees, contract instantiation, contract execution, and much more. You can buy VSYS on several major exchanges.

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