V Escrow Contract

Escrow agreements generally involve an independent third party, called an escrow agent, who holds an asset of value until the specified conditions of the contract are met. An escrow agreement is a perfect way to distribute conditions within a smart contract before funds are distributed.


The V Escrow contract allows two parties to do transactions with one another if they have mutual trust in a third party. It is expected that the third party will be a large trusted entity that receives fees for facilitating transactions between parties.


A simple example would be the delivery of a physical object where the recipient pays using cryptocurrencies. Once the delivery has been made, the trusted third party can review the evidence of the shipping/mailing and distribute the funds accordingly.

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V Escrow Features

No Code Deployment

Users issuing tokens on VSYS do not need to write a single line of code, and do not need to have their token contract audited by a third party before launch.

Escrow Agent Protocol

Users can trust an escrow contract protocol for currency of funds paid-in and any penalties to ensure a seamless transaction. All smart contract automated.

User Freedom

Users can freely open an escrow order and funds transferred or penalties to a recipient in a decentralized manner.

What Makes V Escrow Contract Special

Different from the traditional option market, everyone can buy or sell option tokens to join the option market at any time without any contractual relationship with an exchange.

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