Minting and Staking VSYS

All VSYS holders can secure the V Systems blockchain by staking and contribute to SuperNodes. Users can cancel staking at any time with no waiting.

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How to Participate in Minting

1. Download the VSYS Walk Wallet

2. Get VSYS Coins

3. Lease Your VSYS Coins

Features and Benefits of SPoS Minting

Easy Entry Requirement

Staking VSYS from our wallet takes less than a minute

No lock-in for staking on V Systems

Direct Staking via Wallet or Exchange. No Tech skills required

No need to transfer VSYS Coin. Ownership to supernode

Stable Virtual Economy Staking

Immediate Participation. Reward distribution based off Supernode schedules.

Fair Block, Production happens in a fixed sequence to ensure fairness between communities.

Built-in Mechanism to Reduce Inflation. Inflation of supply is always declining.

Consistent Earnings due to fixed inflation rate. Stakers earn consistent passive income.

Minting Average Balance, or MAB, is a new concept introduced with Supernode Proof-of-Stake. MAB is similar to coin age, which we know from Peercoin, and it's principles are similar: when some coins are transferred or leased to a new address, the MAB of these coins starts at zero and grows as new blocks are generated. Coin age hits its maximum after 86400 blocks are generated. That means, with 15 current supernodes generating blocks, MAB reaches its maximum after about 4 days. If a candidate node accumulates enough MAB from leasing stakeholders, the node will then have the opportunity to “contend” an existing supernode, potentially replacing it. The threat of replacement ensures that supernodes are always incentivized to keep stakeholders happy by maintaining a high standard of service and contributing to the overall health of the VSYS ecosystem.

Holders of VSYS tokens can take an active role in the governance of the VSYS ecosystem and are provided with a reward for leasing their coins to supernodes. This reward is akin to interest and amounts to about 5% annually. VSYS coin holders are able to assess each current supernode and candidate supernode and lease their coins to those that offer the most compelling reward system, track record and overall vision, thereby fostering the growth and stability of the network in a collaborative, decentralized manner.

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Start Minting Now!

Feel free to download the Walk Wallets by V Systems Team.
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