The V Systems Roadmap is a summary of V Systems that have been broken down into different phases. The roadmap includes the interconnected protocol upgrades that will make the network more secure and stable as well as ecosystem updates. As the adoption of V Systems grows, the adoption of more contract templates will be adopted for different use cases.

Roadmap 2022-2023

V Systems Smart Contract Phases

V Systems is a general use blockchain for general purpose use for decentralized applications (DApp). V Systems chooses to simplify all technical complexities to build and maintain blockchain by creating ready-to-build contract templates. The smart contract releases are organized into different phases: Euclid, Fermat, Riemann for multiple major code releases.

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Euclid Contracts

The release of Euclid 1.0 allows users to achieve blockchain adoption with minimal user-clicks and without any solid IT knowledge. The Token Contract will allow users to create their own tokens in its simplest form.

Fermat Contracts

The second phase of smart contract includes major pillars Lock Contract, Non-Fungible Tokens Contract, Payment Channel Contract. The goal is to provide an interoperable open platform for developers to create applications on the blockchain with ease.

Riemann Smart Contracts

The third phase of smart contract includes an enhancement to the previous stage of Fermat smart contracts. The foundation will bring several innovative DeFi smart contracts to enhance the contract features. There is one canonical version of smart contracts: Atomic Swap, V Swap, V Option, V Stable Swap and V Escrow.

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