VSYS 3.0 is to Bridge the Physical to the Metaverse

V Systems' vision is to bridge the economy between the Physical World and the Virtual Digital World.

We believe the era of the virtual economy has come. The virtual digital world will not only fully mirror the physical world, but will also create an economy thousands of times larger; therefore, the service-oriented blockchain will support an immeasurable future economy. VSYS 3.0 will maximize the potential of blockchains, mathematics, and data science to build a truly stable, efficient, scalable, and neutral bridge to the virtual digital world for economies in the physical world. We will bridge the two parallel universes for everyone.

Stage 1 (2017 - 2019): Building a Solid Foundation

VSYS 1 and 2 has brought in expertise from the world's top database scientists and mathematicians, and uses the Supernode Proof-of-Stake (SPoS) Consensus Algorithm to develop a solid foundation for a truly stable, scalable, and global blockchain platform.

Stage 1 Artwork

Stage 2 (2020 - onwards): Building the bridge for the Physical World towards the Virtual Digital World

Goal 1

To make DeFi easier for businesses to

We understand the real needs of financial and other conventional businesses’, our smart contracts are customized to meet these real, customized needs.

Goal 2

To make digital currency technology accessible to every individual users

We want to help users easily access the full range of NFT products that make contents and creations valuable. We will also empower our user’s financial lives with easily accessible and a wider range of DeFi products.

Stage 2 Artwork
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